Mohsin Khan Foundation

MKF is an initiative to support people belonging to the vulnerable segments of the society. We have a dream that no child in this world is left deprived of enough food, quality education and opportunity to make a fulfilling career due to scarce resources or special needs.

Due to lack of resources, millions of children are either begging on the roads, or working as bonded labor in factories and other commercial establishments, all over the world. Similarly, there are millions of hearing and visually impaired children all over the world, who need basic support in living an everyday life.

Our plan is to establish a chain of support villages for such deprived children. Our dream village will provide food and shelter for the people in need. It will contain a school for all children, where they will receive a basic high school education. Afterwards, they will get the opportunity to attend local or international universities to get professional education in fields like medicine, engineering, law, and accounting. We will establish vocational training institutions for students who choose to pursue a career in skilled trades. They will be trained in trades like plumbing, electrical, carpentry, masonry, interior designing, automotive technology, etc. Our kids will also learn crafts like cooking, hair-dressing, farming, sewing, painting, graphic designing, content writing, etc.

The next step will be to place this well-trained manpower into relevant industries. Counsellors will help these young people to get a suitable placement in the industry of their choice. The plan is to start our own social enterprises relevant to these fields, where only our students will be hired. For example, we will establish a construction company, a web designing company, an online call center, a few restaurants, a few hair salons, etc. We will establish a factory where all the products will be assembled by visually impaired people. The profits from these businesses would be invested back into the villages, allowing them to self-sustain and us to reach more and more children in need.

Moreover, there are countless people in third world countries who never had the chance to get a proper diagnosis and treatment for their infirmities. Needless to say, our communities will have a state-of-the-art hospital, where trained professionals will work hard to ease their hardships. We will also provide free of cost treatment to underprivileged people suffering with deadly illnesses like cancer, cardiac diseases, kidney diseases, etc.

We know that it is a journey of a thousand miles but we have already taken the first step. We have pledged to consistently work hard and convert our dream into a reality. By doing so, we are sure that we will play our part in making this world a better place for our future generations.

– Aizaz Khan 

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